Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tree of Democracy

Many of us are familiar with the tree which
Ipoh was named after, Ipoh / Upas Tree. However, recently, Ipoh discovered a new tree which very closely related to Ipoh nowadays, if not Perak.

Let me introduce to you, our latest celebrity in town, the Tree of Democracy aka Rain Tree. Due to some political uproar in Perak, The Rain tree has now become the not-to be-missed tourist destination.

This new-kids-on-the-block Rain Tree is located somewhere 200 meters from the State Secretariat Building,
Bangunan Darul Ridzuan. Within Medan Istana, Rain Tree is planted in front of a house, off Lorong Istana.

The majestic tree which is like a multi-storey tall umbrella providing shade and comfort to all and sundry who gather underneath it. It is a common road side tree in
Malaysia. According to botanical accounts, the rain tree is a native of South America but this is hotly disputed.

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyt
Family: Fabales
Genus: Albizia
Species: A.saman

Its common names include rain tree, coco tamarind, saman, and monkey pod. The Malay name for it is hujan hujan (rain)

Did you know?

The rain tree is also called
pokok pukul lima (five o'clock)?

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