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First Car in Malaysia

1896 Quadricycle

The first car to appear in this region was in Singapore in 1896. They were the rich men's toy back then and it was no long before the tin barons in Perak got hand on automobilism, the act of motoring. Those day, automobilism was seen as something luxury, an act of the rich.

1902 Mercedes Simplex

Cars came to rule road in the 20th century and Kinta with its affluence and good roads quickly became advance motoring society. Eu Tong Sen is reputed to have been the first man to bring a car to Ipoh in 1902. Eu Tong Sen is the owner of the famous Eu Yan Sang Chinese medical hall which has plenty of franchise all over the world.

1901 Mercedes

According to a history record (written record from a perak local paper, Perak Pioneer 28 June 1902), the 'Towkay Eu Tong Sen's motorcar accomplished a journey of 12 miles in 35 minutes" which means the average speed of 20 miles/hour.

1902 Mercedes Simplex

Did you know...?

Earlier car was registered 'PK' (Perak) but it was replaced with 'A' registration in 1945 when registration letters were reallocated after the WWII. It was registered as 'A' because Perak is the first state to have a car, and later Selangor with 'B' and so on.

Malaysia registration plate:

A- Perak
B- Selangor
C- Pahang
D- Kelantan
J- Johor
K- Kedah, KV- Langkawi
L- Labuan
M- Melaka
N- Negeri Sembilan
P- Penang
R- Perlis
S- Sabah
T- Terengganu
Q- Sarawak
W- Wilayah Persekutuan (Kuala Lumpur)

H- Taxi (HA- Perak, HB- Selangor & etc...)
Z- Military

p/s: The pictures are for illustration only as it may be Towkay Eu Tong Sen's first car based on the year and the favourite vehicle brand of Perakians.


Andrew said...

omgosh.. LOL this is a damn random yet damn unique and informative post!! hehehe... LOL =D apparently a lot of ppl still confused with the number plates... eheh


Nice info la bro! thumb up for u!

~YM~ said...

haha..nice one.. still got T=Terengganu

Others include:
H=Taxi (The letter after H signifies the state if I'm not mistaken)

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

Andrew> Haha, not really random. It's still related to Ipoh/Perak.

Panglimacyber> Thank you. =)

YM> Thanks for pointing the missed out. Editted.

mech said...

Woohoo i like antique. Nice compile and information.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

o.O never knew about this.. until today... o.O LOL

王子 said...

first car in salangor ?

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