Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain Tree (Pukul Lima)

Rain Tree @ Medan Istana

The name Pukul Lima is somewhat odd for rain tree but there is an interesting twist to it. Due to their sensitivity to light, the leaflets of this tree tend to fold up at dusk, thus giving the impression that they are retiring from duty for the day.

Taiping Lake

The tree is also called Hujan-hujan on account of the leaves folding up due to the overcast sky indicating an impending shower.

Tiger Lane

If you are travelling along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Selatan (Tiger Lane) or Jalan Raja diHilir (Tambun Road), you would notice rows of majestic rain trees along these roads.

Clear Water Santuary

Taiping Lake

Providing shades to the road users, rain tree is the legacy of the colonial past. In those days, British planted rain tree to counter the unbearable heat and sun shine in Malaya then.

Gunung Lang

Gopeng Mine

Ipoh used to have plenty of rain trees planted but as time goes by, many of them were chopped. Only time will tell when the last rain tree will be fell under the name of development.


reanaclaire said...

very informative as usual, IPOH chai... salute to u..
i also posted this in my blog earlier on... the tree with the broken plaque...

Palohchai said...

lol... but if you look at the condition of the tree now, u feel sad.. they'e put many smaller trees surrounding it and a sign bouard is erected to block the view.. today, police even put up some motice on the tree.. poor rain tree

Anonymous said...

5 o'clock! =D

DiEsE said...

reminds me the time that Kajang council people chopped down all the trees along one particular main road. mind you, those trees are more than 30years old!! stupid buggers...

YULI said...

i love the way you take photos. really beautiful! :D


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