Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keng Nam Curry Mee

Ipoh Curry MeeIpoh Curry Mee

Located in Jalan Yang Kalsom, Kedai Kopi Keng Nam is one of the best in town which serves tasty Ipoh Curry Mee. Usually busy on the weekend, it is advisable that you come early to get a place. Be quick as curry mee will be sold out by 11am usually due to overwhelming response.

Sticky Kaya Glutinous RiceSticky Kaya Glutinous Rice

While wanting, perhaps one can try the sticky kaya glutinous rice as a starter. This little appetizer may look simple but it will land you in cloud nine as you take your first bite.

Kedai Kopi Keng Nam
'Kedai Kopi Keng Nam' is situated at the end of Jalan Yang Kalsom. It is very near to the Ipoh City Hall Complex at Greentown.

After a sumptuous meal, perhaps a short visit to the distance missionary school Main Convent, Ipoh will be a good way of discovering the legacy left behind by the missionaries? MC is just few blocks away from Kedai Kopi Keng Nam.

Restaurant Keng NamRestaurant Keng Nam

Name: Kedai Kopi Keng Nam.Location: Jalan Yang Kalsom.Operation Hour: Morning until Afternoon.


J2Kfm said...

i went once, but a bit late, hence they finished liao.

can u believe THIS is the place i first tasted kaya pulut? :)

SimpleGirl said...

this curry mee is nice also...not lemak type..

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Looks like my kind of curry! I like it thick and fiery...was it? =)

foodbin said...

looks very spicy.

Palohchai said...

It's not very lemak type, just nice...

Anonymous said...

Cowan Street = Jalan Raja Ekram, not Jalan Yang Kalsom


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