Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ipoh Curry Mee

Curry noodle has been a synonymous food in Malaysia and Singapore. While some called it Curry Laksa, we the folks of Ipoh simply called it Ipoh Curry Mee.

The Ipoh Curry Mee is different from the KL's in the sense that Ipoh curry mee has more spices and stronger aroma. While KL curry mee is stuffed with 'tau fu pok' and cockle, Ipoh Curry Mee is enriched with roasted pork, shredded chicken and of course, fresh cockle.

The roasted pork is not only delicious but crispy and tentalising as well. Shredded chicken is just cooked to perfection and a bite on that juicy, succulent chicken will definitely remind patrons of the excellent tau geh-chicken type of texture.

The curry is cooked according to a special concoction that has been inherited generations to generations. A quick look at the ingredients of spices used in the soup include:

i) Curry Powder

ii) Star Anise (Bunga Lawang)

iii) Curcumin (Kunyit)

iv) Lemon Grass (Serai)

v) Cassia Bark (Kayu Manis)

vi) Cloves (Bunga Cengkih)

vii) Curry Leaves (Daun Kari)

viii) Dried and Fresh Chili

ix) Secret Family Recipe

Together with coconut milk a.k.a. santan, this special blend gives a strong aromatic taste which is not only pungent but irresistible. You will yern for more.

Did you know...?

1. Ipoh Curry Mee is quite similar to Sarawak Laksa?
2. Ipoh Curry Mee is the legacy of Hai Nan people, who are well-known for the culinary art and has been opening many colonial cafes in Ipoh?


foodbin said...

it looks oily and spicy too.

Palohchai said...

but once a while should be ok. Just had that this morning, lol..

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Anonymous said...

Try it at Mata Liew...simply delicious.


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