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Main Convent and St. Michael's: The Missing Link

Old Main Convent, IpohMain Convent, Ipoh (Before repaint)

Main Convent, Ipoh has always had a traditional strong link with St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh. Convent girls study form 6 in SMI. Perhaps, the main reason is because both MC and SMI are missionary schools under the same faith, the Roman Catholics. There are also many couples from this both schools got married and are now living happily ever after in their far away land.

Other than that, MC and SMI are indeed linked in many aspects.

Badminton CourtBadminton Court

Old Spiral StairSpiral Stair

During the 2nd World War (WWII), SMI was made the Administrative Centre and renamed
Perak Shu Seicho. Class rooms were used as office for the Japanese officers. The La Salle Brothers managed to salvage some of the furniture in SMI before the occupation and they were temporarily stored in MC.

Old WalkwaySMI beforeWalkway to Main Hall

The tiles used in one of the walkways in
MC were imported from Marseilles, France. If you take a look on the underside of the walkway, the manufacturers name and place is still visible. SMI used to cover the roof with the same tiles from Marseilles. However, the recent roof replacement has changed them with new tiles made locally. Pictures below, spot the differences.

SMI afterSMI (Before)

SMI (After)

GreensLeads from Lower Hall to Classroom

Besides, rumour has it that there is
an underground tunnel that links SMI to MC. The Brothers used this tunnel to carry the furniture to MC during WWII. Some said the entrance of the tunnel in SMI is below the stage in the school hall. However, no one has ever proved its existence. Whether or not the tunnel is true will have to be discovered by archeologist cum thrill seeker like Harrison Ford.


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reanaclaire said...

another masterpiece post, palohchai.. i m curious about u.. from smi? yes, last time those studying in main convent were always linked with smi.. i m sure many couples have ended up marrying to each other too..

Palohchai said...

Reanaclaire, yes, ex michaelian I am. There are many more link MC-SMI as we are the bros and sis school.

YilingL said...

Well there are always claims that old missionary schools have tunnels or secret passageway or secret rooms. But isn't this one of the best feature of being in a missionary school as it's so exciting and interesting (ie. ghost stories) than modern built schools.

littlecicak said...

That's the reason why we love our school so much. Haha.
Missionary schools are indeed interesting in every aspects. New schools just do not have those feeling.

Barbara said...

Hi. Came to your blog from another blog :) Thanks for the post on both schools. I was from MC and I haven't been into MC since I left 20 years ago. Seeing the photos sure bring back lots of cherished memories of my schooldays. BTW my husband was from SMI :) We met each other in Form Four :D

I hope they will eventually find the secret link/tunnel. Very interesting :)

Palohchai said...

Barbara: That's really cool.. lol. It means we do have MC-SMI couple living happily ever after. Congrats and best wishes to both of you

Jason Lee said...

Hi Unker Wong (and WSY)!

Nice pics of Ipoh you have here on this blog. Stumbled upon it when reading the STPM post on Mr Peter Khiew's blog.

I long time nvr go back Ipoh dee...sob

(The clarinetist wan...)

Palohchai said...

Jason: Just take a leave one day. perhaps saturday, come back, drive around and you sure stumble upon the hidden treasures of Ipoh. I just discovered an interesting staircase near old town dated back to the colonial days... lol.

rena said...

convent is always united! go convent girls!!!!
Always smile........
don't forget me......

Anonymous said...

convent boooo


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