Sunday, October 19, 2008

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh (Part I)

St. Michael's Institution, IpohSt. Michael's Institution

Looking across the Padang Ipoh, situated along Jalan SP Seenivasagam (formerly Clayton Road), St. Michael's Institution (SMI) was the place where Palohchai and littlecicak were educated. Littlecicak may only be in SMI for 5 years but for Palohchai, this had been the second home since Standard 1 until Form 6.

St. John Baptist de La SalleSt. John Baptist de La Salle

We are proud to tell that our alma mater (nourishing mother) is a member of the world wide Lasallian Brothers Catholic schools, a community initiated by a French education revolutionist named St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Brief history of St. Michael's Institution.

The Michaelian BrothersThe Brothers

SMI was formed in 1912 when Reverend Father J.B., Coppin, the priest of St. Michael's Church, convinced Brother Visitor James Byrne to start a boy school in Ipoh. Brother Byrne bought the school site for $6000 in Kampung Pisang.

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh Badminton CourtBadminton Court

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh School HallEntrance to the School Hall

The first class of SMI began on a rainy morning in December 1912, with 37 pupils in a small Malay house surrounded by coconut palms. SMI started with older boys and boys rejected or expelled from other schools.

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh WashroomVery Clean Washroom

Landscape in SMI Landscape in SMI

Such is the philosophy of de La Salle where everyone is the same in the eyes of God that none should be denied from education opportunity.

SMI's Basketball CourtBasketball Court

Did you know...?

St. John Baptist de La Salle statue in St. Peter's BasilicaSt. John Baptist de La Salle statue in St. Peter's Basilica

The Catholic Church bestowed on
de La Salle in 1950 - heavenly patron of all school teachers.

Kampung Pisang had ceased to exist as Ipoh developed into a city.


littlecow said...

Please upload some guru disiplin pics.i missed them (Mr chong, Karu, etc.)

diane said...

nice architecture of the buildings! nice place to study! another good post! keep it up

Palohchai said...

thanks Diane.. yeah, the building has never failed to impress the public... in fact it is also one of the most beautiful La Salle schools in the world

Robb said...

my god!! my school!!

chong the sepet discipline teacher. karu the garu garu misai man. lol

Anonymous said...

i'm proud to be apart of this school


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