Friday, January 30, 2009

Kinta River Walk (Part II)

There are few more popular landmarks as you walk further down the river.

1. Taiko Plantation,
Wisma Taiko.

Wisma Taiko, Taiko Plantation

Ipoh Field.

Padang Ipoh/Ipoh Field

Indian Muslim Mosque.

Indian Muslim Mosque

St. Michael's Institution.

St. Michael's Institution, IpohSMI Ipoh

Kinta Riverfront, river side cafe.

Kinta RiverfrontKinta Riverfront cafe
6. Sidney Harbour Front bridge.

River Front Bridge

7. San Francisco Golden Gate bridge

Sidney Harbour Front bridge

The best way to cover these landmarks is probably on foot as there is a pedestrian path by the river bank.


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reanaclaire said...

wow.. how did u manage to snap those pics? salute to u.. man..

Palohchai said...

some of the pics were contributed by the Ipoh.Forum members, credit goes to them.. lol..but a few of them we took ourself..

Desertbug said...

Good to see the '07 pic of left bank of the Sg. Kinta.

The shaded walk along the pedestrian walkway is really really really the best way to enjoy this trek. Keep eyes open, please.

It covers a distance of 800m from the Anderson Rd. bridge to the new dual carriageway bridge - Lim Bo Seng Rd, by the St Michael's Institution.

Do you realise that the old trees on the right bank have been removed to make way for a concrete 'monstrosity' of a development. Trees that once lined that short stretch was a home to countless birds, squirrels, and monkeys.............once upon a time (up to 2005 by the way)

Much of the serene environment is now lost to "concrete masses".

"Concrete masses" can be found in any part of the world - especially from where I sit and now type this. Does Ipoh NOT need to maintain some form of "ruralness" which was found at one time within walking distance of the centre of the city ??

Guess this is what the planners of the city desire - concrete jungles.

Pity and oh what a total waste, but then again what does an aging Ipohite know these days of commerce and "new" age concepts, huh !!!

Enjoyed the pics and reminiscing fond memories of this beautiful part of town. Pity not much left of these sights for the younger generation.


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