Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nile of Ipoh, the Kinta River

Ipoh's Kinta River or Sungai Kinta
People settle down by the river because river has supported human activity and also acted as a major highway both for transportation and later, trade. As the population increases, river settlement evolves into town and city. Some of these cities include New York (Hudson River), London (Thames River), Singapore (Singapore River), Kuala Lumpur (Gombak River) and etc.

Sungai Kinta/Kinta River's SignboardKinta River Signboard

Ipoh settlement was founded in the late 1800s on the banks of the Kinta River (Sungai Kinta). As mentioned in the previous post, a prominent Malay named Che Hussien built this stockade at this point to collect the tin. This part of Ipoh is the Kampung Paloh.

Beautiful Kinta RiverKinta River

In the 1930s, a local Chinese Hakka millionaire
Yau Tet-Shin, developed the eastern bank of Kinta River into what is colloquially known as New Town, along the lines of modern urban planning concepts of the time.

Ipoh, Perak's RiverSungai Kinta, Ipoh
Today, thanks to the mighty river of Kinta that runs though the city, we are able to appreciate a city, that still retain most of its charm and serenity.

Ipoh River
Even though it has ceased to operate as a highway, one can still appreciate the Kinta River's beauty by taking a gentle stroll down along the river bank that runs through major part of the city.


OO said...

I am so glad you are drip feeding everyone in blogsphere about Ipoh's heritage site ... especially St Micheal. I am a true blue Michaelian who as a kid used to waiting for buses after school in Kinta river.

Those days, the river was draped with jungle and bamboo grove. No need to go Taman Negara. We have real jungle in the school's backyard man.

Anonymous said...

I remember a song "The river of no return." A few verses remind me of Kinta River. It goes "There's a river called the river of no return.
If you listen you can hear the river call. Sometimes it's peaceful and sometimes wild and free. Love is a traveller on the river of no return. Swept on forever to be lost in the stromy sea. I lost my love on the river of no return."
Those who are Ipoh local will really hear the Kinta River call.
It was teeming with fish and you can swim in it.
It is the love of this River that tugs our hearts.
Now it's gone, the river is dirty, filthy and polluted. It's gone and I hope it's not forever.
Many history, stories and experiences happened near and around this River. It can be allude to the river sometimes peaceful and sometimes wild.
Yes many Ipohite lost their love for this River in this present situation.
Hope the river can be revive again. For in the Kinta River where the water flows have a lot of stories yet to be told.

desertbug said...

Memories of living next to and enjoying walks by the Sg. Kinta is well remembered.

Returning to live by the riverside between '97 to '07 forms the best part of "living" ever experienced.

Please note that the "new" developments on the right bank either side of the Lim Bo Seng bridge has permanently changed the character of the environment. The huge trees have been felled to make way for this.

So while it is applauable for the "save the Temenggor" campaign so hot currently, my cry would be "save Sg. Kinta".


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