Friday, January 23, 2009

Kinta River Walk (Part I)

There are quite a number of landmarks which you notice along the Kinta River.

1. Kinta Heights. The highest building in Ipoh but very soon it is going to be taken over by Ipoh Tower.

Kinta HeightsKinta Heights

2. Emmanuel Church Ipoh, previously a cinema.

Emmanuel Church IpohEmmanuel Ipoh Church

3. Hidden wooden houses, the last of it's kind in the city.

Hidden wodden houses

4. Paloh Ku Mio Temple.

Paloh Ku Mio Temple

5. Ipoh Water Front & Nasmir Mamak (Formerly People's Park)

Ipoh Water Front

6. Masjid Dato' Panglima Kinta.

Masjid Dato' Panglima Kinta

7. Ipoh Central Market and Super Kinta Department Store. Anyhow, Super Kinta had closed down and no picture available.

Ipoh Central Market

8. Yik Foong Complex.

Yik Fong Complex


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NIMI♥ Co. said...

nice picture..
love it!!!

reanaclaire said...

hey, where is the emmanuel church? cinema turned church? i cannot recall this building..looks interesting when i see the ipoh pics.. not bad la.. haha..

Palohchai said...

hmm.. it's just opposti Kinta Heights along the kinta river. I'm not sure if u know this chinese school 'SRJK Chung San' coz emmanuel is next to this chinese school..

ipohchai said...

yik foong, the first shopping complex in Ipoh.
I remember those early days playing at the rooftop mini themepark there


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