Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White CoffeeIpoh White Coffee

I believe everyone is very familiar with Ipoh Old Town White Coffee. Old Town White Coffee is well-known as one of the Ipoh's specialities besides the famous Ipoh Nga Choi Kai and Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun.

Restaurant Nam HeongRestaurant Nam Heong

Restaurant Nam Heong was the first coffee shop that start selling and also offers the most genuine white coffee in Ipoh ever since 1958.

Brewing White CoffeeBehind the scene

Unlike commercialised 3 in 1 white coffee that often served in Kopitiam, these white coffee are brewed in a traditional manner by experienced workers.

Ipoh beautiful girl drinking white coffee
The aroma of the old town white coffee makes you irresistible not to try it! It would taste better if it is hot.

I got Cindy to help promote her hometown's special Nam Heong White Coffee. After she had a sip of it, she paused... then she said... "I love it!"

nam heong dim sum
They also offer Dim Sum in the coffee shop. I can't promise you the best dim sum here, but you may have a try.

packed with people
As usual, places with good food or drinks are always packed with people queuing up for seats. The picture above proved it pretty well.

framed pictures and newspaperFramed pictures and newspapers

nam heong billboard

Name: Restaurant Nam Heong / Nam Heong White Coffee.
Address: 2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 3000 Ipoh
Operation Hour: 6am - 6pm.

Did you know...?

The name 'white coffee' is associated with Ipoh, due to originating from Old Town Ipoh. It was introduced in the 19th century by Chinese migrants who came to work in the tin mines.


SimpleGirl said...

but taste wise, I think the opp coffee shop, Sin Yuan Loong is better...anyway, taste is very personal lah

Palohchai said...

yea, some prefer sin yuan loong but to me they are equally good, after all they are just opposite each other.. perhaps if one is out of stock, one help to to stock up.. lol..

Anonymous said...

Hey, when are you born in Ipoh? Are you sure Nam Heong invented Pak Ko Pi in 1958? Nobody in Ipoh heard of Pak Ko Pi until the 80's or 90's. Others are saying it's Sun Yuan Loong who invented (and patented?) it first (see Nam Heong is the one that started the OldTown White Coffee franchise.
Please don't get confused.


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