Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ipoh 'Kai See Hor Fun'

The previous post introduced you to Ipoh 'Nga Choi Kai'. This time, we'll get you another all-time favourite dish of Ipoh which is also a combination of chicken and 'hor fun'. But this time, it's mixed with some fat juicy prawns.

Credit to Kris from Ipoh.Forum

'Kai See Hor Fun' (鸡丝河粉) is a combination of succulent shredded chicken, tasty hor fun and fresh and juicy prawns. Though using the similar main ingredient as in 'Nga Choi Kai', but is totally different from the former.

Differences between Kai See Hor Fun and Nga Choi KaiKai See Hor Fun

With the soup specially boiled using the chicken, prawn and of course, some family secret ingredient, the aroma and taste of 'kai see hor fun' is simply superb. Sprinkled with some onion and kuchai leaves, together with some sliced cili padi dipped in soy sauce, this complete mouthwatering dish will definitely mesmerise the connoisseurs of food.

Did you know...

'Kai See Hor Fun' and 'Nga Choi Kai' are totally different? Many people usually cannot differenciate between 'Kai See Hor Fun' and 'Nga Choi Kai'.

Restaurant Kong Heng

# Restaurant Kong Heng.
This shop is the most favourite spot for 'Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun'. Located in the heart of Ipoh Oldtown, it is always crowded on weekends.

The 'Kai See Hor Fun' Stall

There are several other well-known delicacies in the shop too, like Popiah, CheeCheong Fun, Satay and Kangkung Sotong. Check out these foods as they are equally good.

Name: Kedai Kopi Kong Heng (Kong Heng Restaurant).
Location: Jalan Bandar Timah, Old Town.
Operation Hour: Morning until Afternoon.

Restaurant Thean Chuncredit to j2kfm

# Restaurant Thean Chun.
This shop is located right next to 'Kong Heng'. Some may think competition must be great here but the funny thing is it both shops are equally popular and crowded. This shop is dubbed the "Hall of Mirror". As you enter the shop, you will be greeted with a large mirror on the wall.

Mirror was a common gift in the olden days to a new kopitiam (restaurant). Probably it could be due to the Chinese belief that mirror can ward off evils, thus business will prosper without any hindrance. Haha. Never forget to try the shop's famous egg custard too.

Name: Kedai Kopi Thean Chun (Thean Chun Restaurant).
Location: Jalan Bandar Timah, Old Town.
Operation Hour: Morning until Afternoon.

p/s: Happy Birthday to Alby Thum Chee Keong!


J2Kfm said...

I'd still say Thean Chun serves better Kai Si Hor Fun than Kong Heng.

imagine me working around Old Town, and breakfasts everyday include white coffee and all these goodies. :)

littlecicak said...

I'm quite agree with you, however people prefer to crowd Kong Heng due to more choices of foods there than Thean Chun.

It's just so hard to resist over all these good foods.


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