Monday, November 10, 2008

Gothic Revival: St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh

St. Michael's Institution, IpohSt. Michael's Institution, Ipoh

Many who admire St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh would definitely agree that she resembles a cathedral rather than a school.

Once a KL friend of mine was lost in Ipoh and she called me. When I asked for her landmarks, she said "I'm next to a big church in front of Padang Ipoh". Obviously she was referring to our beloved alma mater, SMI.

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh
SMI resembles old cathedrals of that in the European countries because she adopts the neo-Gothic design. Neo-Gothic style, also known as Gothic Revival, derives from the Middle Ages. Taken as it is from Gothic churches, neo-Gothic evokes a kind of permanence and solemnity.

St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh
There are several world landmark buildings which adopt neo-Gothic architecture. Among them are Palace of Westminster, London (Houses of Parliament), Christ Church, Oxford; Saint Clotilde Basilica, Paris; and closer to home, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore.

Palace of Westminster, London (Houses of Parliament)Palace of Westminster, London

Christ Church, OxfordChrist Church, Oxford

Saint Clotilde Basilica, ParisSaint Clotilde Basilica, Paris

St. Andrew's Cathedral, SingaporeSt. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore


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justin_5 said...

wah..ipoh oso have building liddat one kah..

J2Kfm said...

still rmbr the times spent there, esp the school play thingie. hehe ...staying back everyday after school doesnt sound so bad, eh?

Palohchai said...

lol.. Justin, sure Ipoh has such building, infact there r 2 more building with neo Gothic design... St. Michael's Church and St. John's Church

Palohchai said...

j2kfm, I also like to stay back at school... my mum always said " morning before sun rise u leave, after sun set only u come home"... The best place to hang out in SMI- cafeteria, lol

googler said...

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Palohchai said...

we welcome comment from anyone. Just drop you comment at so that I'll know what to add in coming entry...


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