Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ipoh Field (Padang Ipoh)

Ipoh FieldIpoh Field

The Ipoh Field, or fondly known as Padang Ipoh, is a sight that one would not miss when getting around Ipoh. Located at the centre of Old Town along Jalan SP Seenivasagam, overlooking the gothic cathedral-looking St. Michael's Institution, the Padang Ipoh is the main recreational field in the city.

Ipoh Field
Michaelian Military Band performing in Ipoh FieldPerformance during Merdeka

It is here where the colourful Hari Merdeka procession is held every year. Filled with thunderous roar and songs from various marching bands in full regalia, the Merdeka procession begins here with pomp and splendour.
Did you know that littlecicak and Palohchai performed here before? (littlecicak doesn't recall... haha!)

Padang Ipoh
Figure in Padang Ipoh

The humble beginning of Padang Ipoh

In 1897, two citizens, C.G. Ogivile, a prominent miner and G.J. Penny, manager of the Strait Trading Company Batu Gajah, raised the funds for the acquisition of a public recreational ground in Ipoh to commemorate the Queen's Diamond jubilee.

The Chinese community supported the proposal and contributed over $43 000. The Padang Ipoh was born.

Casuarinas TreeCasuarinas Trees

The big old casuarinas trees lined along the parameter of the Padang, creating an ambience of peace and tranquility. These trees have been around for decades since the colonial time.

Over the years, the trees have never failed to provide shades to those underneath them. They have been an iconic feature of the city.

Sports in Ipoh Field
However, due to global warming, heavy thunder storm and strong wind are threatening these trees to be chopped down. Only time will tell when these ye' old faithful will crumble to the floor.


J2Kfm said...

so near my place, yet I failed to appreciate its real charm.
btw, there are TWO of you? who's who? haha ...

reanaclaire said...

very very good information about IPOH.. u must have done yr homework before u blog about our town. the pics u took look good... i have to think and rethink where that place is.. haha... are u from SMI too? my 2 sons are... perhaps u know them too..

littlecicak said...

It's definitely interesting to know the root of the places and buildings. What's more when it's the place you were born. Haha.

j2kfm: Just Palohchai and I.

reanaclaire: Credits to Palohchai for spending time to enrich his knowledge about Ipoh and share it with the rest. We were both from SMI. =)

Palohchai said...

j2kfm: got your email d... I'm Palohchai, lol... and Littlecicak is my partner working equally hard for the blog, lol

reanaclaire: Nice to meet u. Good to know ur sons are from SMI, we are proud of our Alma Mater... Credit goes to Ipoh.Forum also for their info

Francis Wong Senaman Kurus said...

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Francis Wong Senaman Kurus said...

Dear Palohchai, can you kindly enlighten the structure of the fountain and the semi-circle arch. What is the history behind this. Thank you. Thank you Thank you


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