Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah

Tau fu fah 豆腐花Tau Fu Fah

Tau Fu Fah (豆腐花) or better known as soybean curd is one of the Chinese traditional dessert which served in sweet syrup. Tau Fu Fah in Ipoh, claimed to be real tasty due to the Ipoh's mountain water.

Funny Mountain
'Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah' serves one of the best 'Tau Fu Fah' in entire Ipoh. Even thou the stall seems run-down and not attractive, but do not let the appearance deceives you. It is one of the oldest dessert stall in Ipoh with a long history.

Cliff, Funny Mountain's owner
'Funny Mountain' has been operating from generation to generation, since 1952. The stall was first opened by Cliff's (the current shop owner) grandmother.

The family recipe offers the Tau Fu Fah its special texture. Once you are drinking this Soya bean curd, you can feel the smoothness and sweet liquid glides down the throat.

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah
The stall is also known as 'Kei Foong', which is located adjacent to 'Restaurant Foh San' (one of the famous dim sum restaurant). Funny Mountain has a drive-in delivery service.

Name: Funny Mountain Soya Bean
Located: Jalan Dato’ Tahwil Azhar
Operation Hour: 10.30am - 7.30pm


Palohchai said...

good work dude:)

J2Kfm said...

fantastic dessert. never get enough of those.
and the drive-in concept a novelty, no less.

littlecicak said...

I just had that 'tau fu fah' when I got back Ipoh last week. It was long in queue, but worth it!

sEnGz said...

I brought my coursemates from KL to try.... all went for double servings =)


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