Sunday, August 3, 2008

Restaurant Kong Heng

Restaurant Kong HengRestaurant Kong Heng

Located in the heart of Ipoh Oldtown, Restaurant Kong Heng, or fondly called Kong Heng Char Set by the locals, is one of the best restaurants that sells excellent food in town. This restaurant has been around for centuries and it is a favourite spot for breakfast for Ipohan.

The shop is usually busy and crowded on weekends as Ipohan outside Ipoh will be back to patronise this shop. One word of advice from us: Come early or you'll have trouble looking for tables.

A step into the shop is like travelling back in the past. The interior setting has changed little. The furniture within the shops can be dated back to the 50s and 60s era.

While Oldtown Kopitiam is set with the designer's version of nostalgic and charming antique round marble table and chair, 'Kong Heng Restaurant' has the authentic and historic sets of tables and chairs which are inherited generation after generation.

Safe BoxSafe Box

Do not miss the sight of an old strong safe box in the restaurant which is just next to the cashier counter.

Kai See Hor Fun 鸡丝河粉Kai See Hor Fun

'Kai See Hor Fun' here is the best in town. Just google 'Kai See Hor Fun' and you will discover that 'Kong Heng' is the most mentioned name online.

Sotong KangkungSotong Kangkung

'Ipoh Sotong Kangkung' (Water spinach) is another must-try delicacy. This kangkung sotong is different from KL version as it uses blended peanuts satay sauce which tastes superb. Perhaps, the closest dish to 'Ipoh Sotong Kankung' is 'Malacca Satay Celup'.

Water Spinach
Local Name: Kangkung, Water Spinach, Oung Choi.
Scientific Name: Ipomoea aquatica.
Location: East and South East Asia.


'Laksa' in 'Kong Heng' is simply irresistible. Lots of fish meat, lots of prawn paste!!


'Popiah' here has generous filling. It makes you yearn for more.


Irresistible 'satay', a dish that you can never say 'No'. The uncle will insist to place a plate of 'satay' on your table no matter what.

Chee Cheong FunCheeCheong Fun

'Ipoh CheeCheong Fun' is different from KL's in the sense that Ipoh uses tomato sauce and not the thick black sweet sauce you normally find in KL.

Ipoh White CoffeeIpoh White Coffee

After all the makan (eat), a sip of Ipoh famous white coffee is just as perfect to complete your meal. One of the best in town, must try!


tanckeng said...

Yeah, with the 'Popiah' Aunty keep insisting you to get a piece or two

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

once you are in the restaurant everyone will come to you and say their foods are good.. lol

littlecicak said...

Btw, the satay uncle already stopped working. He always insist to put a plate of satay even you don't want. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Kong Heng restaurant is my favorite visit every time I am at Ipoh. This changed one day when my family arrived at the restaurant late at 3pm and many of the stalls were closing. The chicken rice stall owner welcome us and we ordered from him. Bad experience started when the chicken rice stall owner deliver the food and my wife questioning the price inconsistency. The chicken rice stall owner clarify the price and become agitated, started raising his voice and claimed that we unfairly accused him charging excessive. I have to calm him down! He keep on raising his voice on us for a minute. I did not choose to quarrel with him as I do not want to show bad example to my daughter. His chicken rice is okay but the very poor service and attitude toward customer make us stop visiting to Kong Heng again. Other stalls in the restaurant services are good by Malaysia standard. The chicken rice stall leaves a very bad name to Kong Heng restaurant Ipoh. I do not think I am the first customer to get bad experience from him. I advise future customer not to question or argue with him in order to have peaceful meal.


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