Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)Ipoh Railway Station

This grand old dame was the brain child of A.B Hubback, the same public work architect that built the KL Railway Station (KLRS). This is why Ipoh railway station shares a similar design with the KL railway station. In fact, it was said that KLRS is the head of railway while IRS is the tail of the railway.

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)
Completed in 1915, IRS remained the symbol and status of Ipoh, being the Hub of Malaya in the colonial days.

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)
Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh

This station has an adjoining hotel known as the 'Majestic Station Hotel' of Ipoh on the 2nd and 3rd floor, together with restaurant and a bar at the ground floor.

Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)
Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)
Ipoh Railway Station (IRS)

Some say the IRS is also known as 'Taj Mahal of Ipoh', how true is it? (Scroll back up to the first picture)

Taj Mahal

p/s: Happy Birthday in advance to Ms. Sue Me! (22/08/08)


Sue Me said...

thanks lil cicak *hugs* see u this thurs ok? make sure ur punctual ah..if not, i sad and emo one ga :P

-[aLbY]- said...

eh, IRS looked really exactly like KLRS??? *swt* seems cleaner and newer summo!


littlecicak said...

sue me: don't worry, I'll make it work. (=

alby: they're from the same 'father' after all.

tanckeng said...

Taj Mahal oh Ipoh?
I'm sorry, but I really don't know wor. Who name it?

I stayed in Ipoh for 18 yrs already :P


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