Friday, October 24, 2008

Famous Mee Hakka

Hakka MeeHakka Mee

Hakka Mee (客家面) is also one of the Ipoh cuisine. Hakka Mee is a type of noodles that is yellow in colour, and served with mince meat (either pork or chicken). It can be either in a bowl of soup or just dry with sauce.

Famous Hakka MeeFamous Hakka Mee

I am sure Ipohians that love Hakka Mee heard of this place, the 'Famous Hakka Mee' (No joke! There are so many stalls with weird and funny names, just like the 'Funny Mountain' for instance).

New Paris Motel/HotelParis Motel

'Famous Hakka Mee' is located at 'Hugh Low Street' (罗街). It was previously located at the opposite shop lots and later moved to the place under Paris Motel which offered a more spacious place.

Newspaper Achievements
'Famous Hakka Mee' stall has been operating for years in Ipoh, as usual, from generation to generation. The stall had appeared in newspaper enormous amount of times.

Hakka Mee
Double Hakka Mee
Every morning, especially weekends, the whole place is filled with Hakka Mee lovers. The Hakka Mee is 'al dente' (word I learnt from lingy, haha), which means cooked as to be firm but not hard. It is really good that makes you to crave for another bowl.

People filling the Famous Hakka MeePeople waiting for place to sit

Famous Hakka Mee Price BoardPrice board

Did I mention the food in Ipoh is really cheap? You can never eat Hakka Mee with this price in Kuala Lumpur.

Name: Famous Mee Hakka /
罗街 Hakka Mee.
Location: Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street)
Operation Hour: Morning until Afternoon.

Famous Hakka Mee
Did you know...?

Hakka Mee is originated from the town of Seremban.


reanaclaire said...

very nicely put, paloh chai.. so did u get a free bowl of mee? i m not very sure of the place.. last time corner shop, right? did they renovate it ? now so brightly lit.. where exactly is it? near the funny mountain?

littlecicak said...

Claire, it's just right opposite to the previous stall. Same row as the 'Chuen Fong Curry Mee'. It's still a corner shop now.

ViCkiE said...

make me hungry jo

littlecicak said...

Kee, yes, you should. Haha. It's really nice.

PehHwa said...

gosh, I must try it next time =)

TNH said...

never try seem like different from my area...

KENfucius said...


Sue Me said...

wei..apa ni? i know you so many years d but you never bring me go makan. ish..

i dont care..coming sem break. i want to eat everything feature on this blog and you are paying for it. HAHAHAHAHAHA..minus the taufoofah la..i dont like. :P

then i bring you to this freaking awesome hakka mee in town. near olympia college one :)

J2Kfm said...

oh so Yin Yau Kui has moved to the opposite shop?
the old shop has that aura of authenticity surrounding it though.

the mee is good, but the fishballs and taufu just didnt cut it. :(


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